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Monday, January 21, 2008

Why not vote for the best candidate...period?

There's an interesting phenomenon taking shape as Obama and Hillary fight it out for the dem nomination....who should black women vote for? Or in other words, with which victim group will they likely identify ?

Recent polls show black women are expected to make up more than a third of all Democratic voters in South Carolina's primary in five days.

For these women, a unique, and most unexpected dilemma, presents itself: Should they vote their race, or should they vote their gender?

No other voting bloc in the country faces this choice.

Democratic analyst Jehmu Greene says, "We've all wanted the day to come where there was a black person in the White House, where there was going to be a woman in the White House. I don't think we imagined it would be having to decide one or the other."

I am shocked, shocked at the insinuation that some Americans may cast votes based solely on race or gender. I thought America was supposed to be a colorblind and gender neutral society. I guess colorblindness and gender neutrality is for the majority only. I guess if you are a member of some minority, it's perfectly valid to vote based on that group identity.

Here's a crazy idea....why not examine the candidates and vote for the one who most closely mirrors your views, regardless of race or gender? For democrat candidates and race hustlers that would be a disaster because they couldn't use those phony group identities to scare or guilt voters into voting their group ID rather than follow their individual ideologies.

Oprah is getting hammered by women for abandoning the woman candidate(Hillary) and she would get hammered by blacks if she sided with Hillary against Obama, for not sticking with her race. Do these gender/race voters not care about the positions of the candidates but only what they look like? It's really amusing to watch....liberals getting caught in the sticky web of race/gender politics that they spun themselves.

UPDATE: I forgot to criticize the right in this post for doing the same thing, only with them it's about religion, not race. There are many followers of James Dobson, Jerry Falwell(late), and other "Christian" leaders who reflexively and obediently vote for whatever candidate successfully convinces them(the voters) he is the biggest Christian. This is every bit as stupid as voting for a candidate based on race or gender. Sure, you want a guy/gal in office who basically believes in the same things as you but unless you want him/her to establish a theocracy, what real impact does that have on your every day life?


Black Panther said...

This goes back to the Obama/Clinton MLK debate. Figure this: MLK had a dream where black and whites lived together without divisional lines; without "Colored" doors or water fountains; without segregation. Now comes along these two politicians both claiming that they are the best person to reap the MLK benefits. I am not sure the Dr. King would have liked either, and know that he would not have tolerated their continued bickering. Dr. King did not care for the Muslim people. He saw them as Anti-Christians and therefore they should not be trusted. He also disliked the typical southern politicians and their spouses (Lurleen Wallace, etc.). Who would he choose to support here? I'm not sure, but I bet the list is different than from what Hilly and BO want us all to believe!

Robert Underwood said...

Interesting take, BP. Where do you get your info/intel from?

ed said...

Black Panther,

As an African-American(assumption) whom do you support?

Do you reflexively or traditionally vote democrat? Or do you examine all the candidates', regardless of party, positions and goals and then decide? I'd really like some insight here. I know democrats can count on at least 90% black support, but I was wondering why that is. If you can shed some light on that, I would be a more informed blogger.

Black Panther said...

Ed: I will not be voting for either of the afore mentioned candidates in this election. I have issues with both of their positions. I try to digest a variety of informational sources (that would include your blog) to ascertain the appropriate and best qualified candidate to vote for. I regret that there is an intuitive notion that "Blacks" reflexively or traditionally vote democratic. While it has been true, I hope that all people are examining all candidates and attempting to ferret out the one that seems best suited for the job. I am seeing more African Americans moving away from a traditional "democratic" stance and looking at the seemingly less liberal "republican" side. In talking with my parents, they lend creedence to this trend. They have noticed that the local preachers are now less involved in political drama and gerrymandering, therefore people have a tendency to judge on other basis'. I live in the south, but assume that as income rises so does intellect, itelligence, and responsibility.

My question to you, is that if the Democrats count on 90% black support, why have they not won? Is it because they can truly only count on 90% of aboiut 15-20% of the black voters? I ned your input to be a better blogger as well. Thanks.

ed said...

African-Americans comprise 13% of the population. All the exit polling consistently show that 90% vote democrat, that is of those who vote.

Even at 90%, that doesn't amount to enough votes to guarantee victory.

I believe that blacks traditionally vote democrat because they fall for the line that the democrats care more about them than republicans. The democrats tell blacks that the odds are stacked against them, that they cannot make it on their own, that they need dem's to champion their cause in government, that it's not fair that they grew up poor and it's the government's responsibility to right all the wrongs.

Basically, and I know you've heard this before, it amounts to the "soft bigotry of low expectations".
Democrats don't think blacks are capable of making it on their own, or more accurately, they are afraid that at some point blacks will realize that they don't need help from democrats to be successful in America. Democrats need blacks to not have faith in themselves and to believe that they need help. Otherwise, why vote for democrats if you're making money and things are going well for you?

Conservatives(not necessarily republicans) believe that all people are capable of succeeding in life and want everybody to be rich, fat, and happy. Nothing makes conservatives happier than when somebody succeeds from a place of despair and hopelessness. Democrats are not happy because that person represents a potential lost voter.

I don't know if that answers your question so let me know if not.

Black Panther said...

No they were answered sufficiently. Thanks. I hate that this race was (and maybe is) stereotyped by either political party. I find it grotesque and scary. I hope there is a day in the not to distant future that "all men" will be considered equal and that all will be judged on their character and their own merit. Until the Black folks in this country start treating each other with respect and dignity; start stepping up to the plate and quit asking for handouts; start participating in society (not only Black society); then and only then can change be effected. I am lucky to have all that I have, but didn't get it by drinking, hanging with my possee doing drugs, pimpin my ride, or any of the other silly things commonly seen in certain circles. I worked hard in high school. I got an education, not the best mind you, but an education just the same. I worked my way through college, where I again got an education. Nothing was given to me, nothing was asked for either. It is time for most folks to pull their hand back in or to put it on a plow and start working. Unemployment is low, but there are still plenty of good jobs out there. One does not need to sit back and wait for Ed McMahon to arrive with your $ million check, one needs to get out and earn a living and start educating their friends to do the same. Time is running out. Before we know it, we wil have a new leader, and unfortunately, most of will probably be dissatisfied, however, we should note that if we opt out of the proces, no one cares for our opinion. I hope that I can instill values and ethics in my children that will allow them to live better lives than they are living now, and that especially, they can instill these same core values in their kids, and so on. That is how nations grow and change. That is how a people comes together. That is how biggotry and hatred will be diminished - 'cause their are those on both sides that will never allow it to end.

ed said...

Well said black panther. There are culpable people on both sides who have an interest in perpetuating needlessly our differences, rather than lifting each other up to achieve and succeed. Race, whether white, black, or green, should be just one of many facets in the rich pageant that is our lives....it should neither define, restrict, or obligate lives.

Hey thanks for chiming in bp. I hope you'll offer insight regularly.