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Monday, January 07, 2008

Iranian navy flirts with disaster

Members of the Iranian Navy earlier today almost succeeded in enjoying 72 virgins in paradise when they attempted to provoke the US Navy in the Straits of Hormuz. The Straits are a critical shipping channel for oil exports from the Gulf and the US Navy insures it stays clear and ships are not harrassed or attacked. A flotilla of Iranian speed boats approached the US Navy ships at high speeds, broadcasting threats, and appearing as suicide bombers in an effort to provoke us into shooting first. But being the most highly trained and disciplined fighting force in the world, our guys didn't fall for the bait.

I don't want to get in a shooting fight with Achmadinnerjacket right now(we can deal with him later), but it sure would have been fun to watch the gun-sight video tapes as the Iranian navy went en masse to meet Allah.

The crazy Iranians might want to rethink provoking a United States guided missile destroyer.


Bobby T said...

All these anti-christians are doing is trying to stir up sympathy for their purported plight. The world should feel sympathy toward these poor souls that have been displaced by the cruel American hordes. The west (which includes us, Europe and The Far East -go figure that)are forcing these poor Arabian businessmen to seel their only commodity at prices well below market value. we are truly a bad group of thugs.

Reality will kick in when the US gets tired of all the dancing going on and the military starts to act and react decisively against these poorly trained soldiers. One can only remember how well the #4 army in the world stood up to the #1 army in the first Gulf War. I say bring it on Achman-Aramshodo-Poo-Poo-Pee-Doo. We want all you got, 'cause when the big dog decides to roll over, ther ain't no room in the dog house fot 2. Move it on Over there Achmed The big dog is moving in !(thanks to George Thorogood)

dj said...

Molly Hatchet

ed said...

Nice pick dj. I didn't know if anyone would recognize the reference.

Bobby T said...

Ed: I caught it and gave another. Alas, I did credit my source, so as to eliminateany plagarism comments from the peanut gallery. No props for your home boy?

Joe Camel said...

These guys were just out poppin a few tops, sippin on-a-cold beer and planning a route for the prince/emir/rajah to water ski on. Tell the Navy to get a snier ready. Let the carnival begin.

ed said...

bt, I caught your Delaware Destroyers reference. It's always entertaining when we use pop culture references as metaphors for current affairs.

Well done.

capt. america said...

Never check a good story