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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, January 11, 2008

The kiss of death

In an attempt to become relevant again, Lurch jumped into the campaign fray by endorsing Barak Obama for President. Obama reluctantly accepted the endorsement knowing full well that it meant almost certain failure.

I didn't know John Kerry was still in the Senate. Seriously, who cares who Kerry endorses for President? Does he really think brain-dead dem. voters will be swayed by his endorsement? Democratic politics are about cults of personality, not substantive policy.

Kerry endorsement.....gimme a break.


freedom2learn said...

I don't know... I think the loud mouth Kerry supporters were pretty loyal. I don't think they are over/admitted his defeat yet and might see this as a way to "win". They pouted about the loss for such a long time. Around here Kerry supporteres left signs on their lawns and cars forever. I was ready to start leaving "He lost. Get over it ." post its.

Kevin said...

I think they were just pouting because he always has a long face haha.

freedom2learn said...

LOL! That joke about him walking into a bar and the bartender asking "why the long face?" was my favorite joke for a while.

ed said...

Me too, freedom. It's a classic.

Silent But Deadly said...

I heard that Kerry was overheard discussing "lynching" , but I guess he was talking about Tiger Woods not B.O.