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Friday, January 25, 2008

Touchdown Jesus ?

Dana Jacobson - Who is she? If you didn't know prior to this week, don't feel bad - you are in the majority. Ms. Jacobson is the host ofan ESPN show entitled "Cold Pizza". It airs daily, but mostly when folks are at work. Today, she is in the forefront of a controversy that has her being depicted as a truly bad and disgusting person. She was asked to help "roast" Mike and Mike (they are 2 ESPN radio announcers). According to reports, she strode to the podium carrying her personal bottle of Vodka and drinking straight out of same. Nice! Don't you know her paernts were proud. Accordingly, she then managed to spew a profanity laced speech, denouncing Notre Dame (Mike Golic's Alama Mater) , the "touchdown Jesus mural ,and Jesus himself. She apparently chose to utilize "the F Bomb" as her descriptive adjective for said tirade.
Last week it was Kelly Tilghman in the crosshairs of contoversy, now it is Dana's turn. I am offended by Dana's comments. I am unhappy with ESPN for not dealing with this publicly. However, I will now come to the defense of Ms. Jacobson. She had too much to drink - probably. She said things that she regrets, admittedly and they will haunt her everyday for the rest of her "public" life, but she doesn't deserve to be fired. All of us need to be able to forgive. There is outrage over her comments and even bigger outrage over her minimal apology ("I didn't want to offend any religion"). This outrage is completely understandable, it however should not be parlayed into a crucifixtion of sorts.
Everyone I know has said or done something regretful/hurtful/stupid in their life time. We all wanted and need forgiveness. We all hopefully got it, but all also know that things were different from then on. Dana will always live with this stigma. She will never get rid of it, but she must endure this plight as her pennance for her actions. Christian folks should reflect on their own lives and ask themselves a question: Do I want to be judged by my peers, or by God? If one chooses the former then I bid you a fond adieu and wish you a good time in Hell. If the latter is chosen, then your day of reckoning will come, but only from the one who sent his son to die for you. To pay your price, to commute your sentence. Still your choice, however.
Dana, I hope that you learn from this outrageous mistake and that you can come back and do yoiur duties as before. I also hope that you willfully reach out to others and help them to not repeat your mistake. Then we will all be better.
My thoughts are there - what are yours?


ed said...

Hopefully the question of her continued employment by ESPN will be determined by a business decision in terms of how profitable she continues to be....same as the employment of any worker. What should not determine it is the hysterical demands made by outraged politicians trying to score political points. (I doubt Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton will have anything to say since it was a slam on Christianity, not on anyting racial.) I doubt the media will demand her ouster as they did with Imus and Tilghman, since attacks on Christianity are all the rage with liberal media types, and only make you more popular with them.

If advertisers leave and profits for her show decline and it can be directly attributed to her continued presence, then ESPN should fire her because she'll no longer be worth what they pay her. It's all about the free market, in which public speech plays a role.

bobby T said...

But don't you find it extremely odd that 2 "reverends" won't raise cain about a slam on the mam?

ed said...

It's odd only if you expect them to be stand-up guys and hold everybody to the same standards.