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Saturday, January 26, 2008

This week's people-tragically-killing-themselves-in-humorous-ways story

I know you people think I'm a thoughtless, cynical jerk for making light of tragedy, but somebody's gonna do it. Why not me?

OCALA, Fla. — A car traveling at high speed down a private airport runway ran off an embankment and was airborne for 200 feet before smashing into a tree early Saturday, killing all five young men in the vehicle, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Investigators did not know whether the BMW was alone or was racing another car on the air strip at the exclusive "fly-in" community of Jumbolair Aviation Estates, where pilot-actor John Travolta has a home, officials said.

According to the preliminary investigation, the car ran off the 85-foot-high embankment at the end of the runway. When it struck the large tree, the car split in half, scattering wreckage over an area of 200 square feet.

Three of the five occupants were ejected, said Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Mike Burroughs.

"It's too early in the investigation to determine a speed and also to determine whether seat belts were in use at the time of the crash," Burroughs said.

I'm sorry, if you are racing so fast that when your car becomes airborne, it flies 200 feet before disintigrating into a tree, somehow I don't think your failure to wear seat-belts constitutes your worst decision that day.

It's almost as if what ever they were smoking made them think they were in one of these.


capt. america said...

A bit off topic, but I hang on to the stupidity ridiculed-label:


Watching thousands of killings, murders and crimes is good for you, kids - seeing a woman's breast will ruin your life.

ed said...

Right you are captain. The hypocricy of the doogooders in America is boundless. These are the same people who surf for internet porn in their offices as they type out rebukes against networks of somebody sees a hint of a boob....absolutely ridiculous!

The number if murders, rapes, and violent acts a kid sees by the age of 18 in this country is staggering, like 300,000 or something. Yet we demand draconian censorship if somebody witnesses a 1/4 second of a side boob. This is one area where I think the Europeans have it right.

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