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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hollywood glitterpigs take a night off

News Flash!!! The Golden Globe awards show has been cancelled this year because actors refuse to cross the writers' picket lines.

Self-loving, Hollywood glitterpigs have lost an excuse to praise themselves and each other. Too bad, I'm sure all 14 of the viewers will be very disappointed. Seriously, does anybody watch anymore, these vapid, prosaic narcissists preen and stroke each other?

Now maybe the half of America who can tell you how many times George Clooney bathes each week, but can't find Canada on a map of North America, will actually pay attention for a change tonight and form a coherent thought about the direction the country will be headed as a result of this election. I won't be holding my breath, but it's a nice thought.


Kevin said...

They don't even select the best movies for the awards. Take Brokeback Mountain for instance. That was the worst movie perhaps ever made, and not because it was about two gay cowboys, but because the plot and the action and the drama and everything else that goes into making a movie, were terrible in that movie. And it won like 3 awards or something. For what?! Mixing the cowboy culture with homosexuality?

freedom2learn said...

Dumb celebrities is exactly right.

Just a thought on the election...Is anyone having visions of riots if BO isn't elected?

DJ said...

I despise unions but thank God for their members and strategies which show them for who and what they are.

Kevin said...

riots, anarchy, and revolution if he is elected. possibly an emigration movement as well... to australia

ed said...


That's an interesting question. I hadn't thought of it. With Hillary's win in New Hampshire, the conventional wisdom is that the media will start hammering Obama since they've given him a minority pass so far. The media, above all else, want to be associated with a winner and if they think Obama is losing steam to Hill, they'll attack him and leave Hillary alone for now.

In addition, there are still many, many blacks who're still married to the Clintons, for reasons which defy logic.

If the perception is that Obama loses because of his positions, there won't be any resentment among blacks nationally. If, however, the perception is that he lost because of race, then you might see some of that.

Interesting question. What do you think, freedom?

freedom2learn said...

I haven't given it much thought myself, but I think if he is the Democratic nominee and loses there will be trouble. It will become an emotional, racial issue.
Kevin brought up a good point too. It could get ugly if he IS elected as well.

ed said...

I'd rather take my chances with him a civilian and not our leader. I read today where the church he attends basically wants to put the entire continent of Africa on welfare, funded of course by US taxpayers. It is also a huge proponent, as is he, of "income redistribution", as if income is distributed in the first place. It is not. Income is earned.

It is not an exaggeration to state that an Obama presidency scares the crap out of me.