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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ready .. Aim... Fire!!!

The so-called "Reverend Al" is back at it again. Poor Kelly Tilghman is in his sights. He will stop at nothing to protect the world from this person. What a load of malarkey!!
Ya gotta feel sorry for Kelly. She had just landed the tower anchor job on the Golf Channel Tournament golf telecasts this year. Friday (day 2 of her new gig) late in the afternoon rounds, she and co-anchor Nick Faldo are clowning around. Faldo brings up the topic of Tiger Woods and suggests that the young guys on tour need to "take him out into a back alley...". Interjected by Tilghman was the phrase " yeah, and lynch him". Not sympathetic and not nice, but not to be taken out of context like it has been. She and Tiger are friends, he is soon to the first billionaire golfer in the world (that's right Billionaire). All she does is to convey that he is virtually unbeatable when on his A-game and that the only way to usurp him is to have him not play (in an off-beat way).
Now the powers that be at TGC decided to give her a 2 week suspension for her off-color remarks, but that's not enough for the "REVEREND AL". He is hollering and screaming that she should be fired for racial remarks. Even though he was eventually outmaneuvered in the Don Imus ploy, he is back at it again. What I truly don't see is the racist side of this. I can see that she made a comment that could be viewed as a personal threat, but no color was injected or intended. Tiger is done with the issue, so why does Al still have his panties in a wad. Nobody else to sacrifice this week for Al?
I thought that all ministerial/reverend type folks are supposed to help the rest of us spiritually. Not Al. He only tries to tear down people. He isn't even inconvenienced in this matter. He nor "his people" have been attacked or besmirched by this. I just don't understand this whole thing. What's your take on this?


Kevin said...

The question to ask Al is this. What if she were black and made those remarks?

ed said...

Look, we have to acknowledge that the term "lynch" has specific meaning to blacks, beyond it's definition. That being said, I think a two week suspension as a symbolic punishment is entirely appropriate, especially since it's not even golf season.

I hope the Gold Channel doesn't cave to big Al. It would only embolden him....like he needs encouragement. He's is a glitterpig like all C-list celebs. He want's to be associated with Tiger any way he can, that's all that's going on here.

Joe Camel said...

Al Sharpton is nothing more than a racist! He can't stand it when any white person speaks poorly about "His People". Al is never critical of a Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan or a Clarence Thomas when they talk badly about "black" folks. Its okay 'cause their "black" as well, but as soon as a "white" person points out anything negative, even if its accurate, Al and his boy Jesse are all over them. It is high time for the people of this country to stop whining about diversity and learn to judge people by their actions. Kelly Tilghman may be a racist, I don't know or care. I have to assume however, that on a Friday night at 8 central there are very few people watching this telecast, but certainly not many African-Amaericans that would have heard this and been offensed. Face it folks, golf is typically an upper crust sport, and those that play and watch it on TV regularly would not be bothred. Go away Al. Go to Africa and do something sbout the genocide going on there. Help stop the AIDS epidimic there. Preach the gospel, save souls, do something good, but leave the USA alone. We need to be bringing folks together instaed of tearing them down. I know I have said things I regret, I'm sur that Kelly is in that boat right now. Leave it alone.

Kevin said...

Its the question I ask myself everyday. Why is it ok for African Americans to call each other n***** but its a hate crime when a white man does it? The real racists in this situation are the ones who take offense to everything that a white person says. The reason racism exists is because people like Al Sharpton want it to exist.