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Monday, January 28, 2008

Heh, heh....envirokooks!

Leave it to dumb, idle hippies to create a Rube Goldberg apparatus that duplicates gravity. This particular contraption will earn these hippies $5000 in a contest. Like Van Helsing said over at Moonbattery, " I defy anybody to take environmentalism seriously after watching this video."

But dumb, idle hippies aren't content with simply amusing each other with thier idiocy. No, they feel obligated to foist their nuttery onto unsuspecting peasants in other countries in the name of environmentalism. If these kooks wanted to supply clean water to poor villiagers, why not drill wells, build water towers, or erect a water transport system of pipes in which to carry clean water? I'll tell you why. Because dumb hippies like to think of peasant villiagers as quaint animals being kept in a third-world eco-zoo to be gawked at. Poor miserable peasants being forced by eco-hippies to remain in the 11th century so the hippies can peer at them and feel good about themselves that they're saving the Earth by keeping one more villiage from enjoying the bounty of the 21st Century.

Dumb, smelly hippies.....I swear! Maybe they should try bathing in some of that bicycle water.

Hat tip to Moonbattery.


capt. america said...

Fully agree with you on the drill wells and water towers/systems, Ed. But that aside, this seems like a pretty good idea - I've been to Africa and I see what help this bike could be (though the repair and spare part could be an obstacle).

Can't compete with the solutions you point out, but maybe this bike could be more than a drop in the ocean - at least is some areas.

PS: It's been years since the smelled.

Ed said...

@capt,. I see your point but this invention which is the product of eco-kookiness, idle minds, and too much weed wasn't thought very well through in terms of practicality....

1. How much will the bikes cost? Can the peasants afford it? Or will the American taxpayer be saddled with the costs like everything else whenever liberals decide to meddle in the lives of others?

2. What is the size of the carbon footprint of production of one of these eco-tricycles? It's plastic and petroleum production leaves a huge footprint....I mean if you believe in that crap.

3. Why not simply put the dirty water can above the clean water can with a filter tube between the two and let gravity filter the water?

4. Do these tricycles come with thumb-bells?

5. A family needs 20 gallons of clean water each day. 1 gallon weighs 8.34lbs. For those of you who were learning to put condoms on cucumbers in gov't schools instead of learning math skills, that comes to 166.8lbs of water. But the container on the front appears to hold only about 2 gallons. Will the family members have to ride the bike in circles around the house like trained monkeys every time they want a 2 gallon shower or a glass of water?

6. What happens when the clean container is full but you aren't home yet?

7. Will the shiftless, unemployed hippies who invented this contraption shut off their Belair home water supply and consume water from creeks and ponds instead to set an example?