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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Collectivism in Nevada...democrat style

In Nevada, unions are huge business. On the one hand there is the Culinary Workers Union who supply all the casinos with employees, and then there's the Nevada teachers union. The Culinary union has endorsed Obama while the teachers have endorsed Hillary. Normally, to vote, you have to go to the polls before, during, or after work. It's a pain but that's the price for participation in the process. It seems Nevada has OK'd an idea for casino workers to be able to vote at work rather than have to take time off. This is a huge advantage for Obama and the Clinton camp is understandably furious.

In addition, the accusation of member intimidation is always an issue. The union bosses force members to give them part of their paycheck ostensibly to represent their interests in labor negotiations with management. In reality, the bosses donate to politicians in return for labor-favorable legislation. The trade-off is that the union bosses guarantee that thier members will vote for that candidate, regardless of the individual members' political leanings.

The Breck Girl, John Edwards, chimed in as if anybody cared what his thoughts were...

“I heard some reports tonight about the possibility of there being some intimidation of union members to caucus for a particular candidate,” Edwards said. “And I just want to say the reason I have worked so hard in the trenches to strengthen and grow the union movement is so that workers’ voices are heard.”

Do you see the problem with labor unions...and Edward's backwards ideas on them? The way to insure your individual political voice is heard is to not be in a union in the first place. Strengthening the union only puts more emphasis on the collective voice and diminishes the voice of the individual....that's textbook socialism folks.

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