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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What a bunch of hosers, ay!

Losers in Canada don't have anything to do except drink and play hockey, and those two often at the same time. Canadian fans of hockey don't have anything to live for except drinking. So it makes sense that when the team on which the self-image of all Canadians rests, loses the Stanley Cup, they riot in the streets and destroy their own neighborhoods. Actually, it makes no sense at all. Canadians are worse than ghetto-dwelling Americans who torch cities whether their team wins or loses, because Canadians aren't living in the ghettos. They don't even have that lame excuse.

From TheVancouverSun" -- VANCOUVER -- Angry Canucks fans are on a rampage, smashing windows, looting and torching cars and dumpsters on the streets of downtown Vancouver.

More than three hours after the Stanley Cup final loss, police are moving up Howe St. toward the crowd massed at the Chapters book store on Howe and Robson.

When your reaction to a team of strangers losing a silly game that nobody watches, is to destroy the neighborhood you live in, perhaps you need to find other interests outside of sports.

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