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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In this week's animal eats child story, drugs were involved.....surprised?

How's this for predictability?

From CBSDetroit -- A 29-year-old Lincoln Park mother and her 35-year-old boyfriend are expected to turn themselves in for arraignment this week.

Police said the woman’s five-year-old physically disabled son, Kyle Holland, was attacked by the man’s pet wolf-dog hybrid, last July, while he slept.

The boy’s mother, Deborah Lane Holland and her boyfriend Earl Dwayne Adkins are both charged with the child’s death. They also face separate charges in connection with more than a dozen marijuana plants that police said were being grown in Adkins’ basement.

Is it just me or does it seem like every time a wild animal, kept domestically, kills and eats a child, the animal always belongs to the idiot, live-in boyfriend?

By a show of hands, who's not surprised that the couple isn't married, that drugs were involved, or that it happened in Detroit? OK, that's 1....2....like everybody!

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Bill said...

Good points, Ed. Regarding the 'couple' in this case, have you ever noticed that when local news reports some horrible tragedy, the members of the "family" all have different last names?

Controlled experiments have showed conclusively that wolves are not able to be domesticated. Over numerous generations bred for docility, yes, not like this case.