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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fast and Furious likely to be Holder's downfall

With any luck and assuming the media don't provide political cover, Operation Fast and Furious by all rights should spell the end of incompetent racist Eric Holder's career at DOJ.

OF&F was an ATF program by which thousands of assault weapons were allowed to be sold by legitimate gun dealers to known Mexican cartel representatives, then traced as they were inevitably used in crimes in Mexico. Unforeseen was the likelihood that those very guns might be used to kill American border patrol officers on US soil, which is exactly what happened.

It is inconceivable to me that an operation like that would go forward without Eric Holders blessing. He'll deny that he had any knowledge but four border patrol officers have already stated officially that the operation was approved at the highest levels of ATF, which would include the DOJ.

A criminal scandal right under Obama's nose featuring AG Eric Holder would do much harm to Obama's re-election chances, but like with all political scandals, it all depends on how hard the media pursues the story.....and I wouldn't count on the US media to pursue it very stridently as they would if it were the Bush administration.


ryan said...

I don't think that the media will go after Holder as much as they will go after the firearm dealers. Call me crazy, but my prediction is that they actually call for -MORE- DOJ and BATFE intervention and "oversight". All the while as they demonize licensed, legitiment dealers.

Ed said...

You're probably right Ryan. The Obama administration's recklessness being responsible for the death of a border patrol agent doesn't fit the current media paradigm of protecting Obama at all costs. But making this a gun-control issue does.

Anonymous said...

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