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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner, no longer sucking at the public teat

See what I did there in the title of this post? I used "weiner", "sucking", and "teat" in the same sentence without being overtly dirty. Practically impossible, but I did it because I care.

We can only assume that after Anthony Weiner's vociferous refusal to step down amid the embarrassment and humiliation of his recent "activities" on Twitter, and now his sudden stepping down, that the democrats in Congress have secured for him some sort of way to earn money. He's not a lawyer. Nor does he have any training to do anything useful as a regular citizen. His only skills are taking money from people who earn it and doling it out to those who don't.....in other words his only skill is being a democrat politician.

I wonder what role Hillary played on behalf of Weiner's wife Huma in getting him a civilian job? Weiner himself said that he wasn't stepping down because he had no means of making a living without sucking at the public teat.

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