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Monday, June 06, 2011

Romney digs his global-warming hole a little deeper

With the view held by most sane conservatives that global warming is a natural phenomenon on which humans have no effect whatsoever, how is AGW believer Mitt Romney still the GOP front runner?

From Boston.com -- MANCHESTER, N.H. — In the first town hall of his freshly announced presidential campaign, Mitt Romney yesterday reaffirmed his view that global warming is occurring and that humans are contributing to it, a position that has been rejected in recent years by many Republicans as the issue has taken on a greater partisan tinge.

He might as well be sitting on the couch with Gingrich and Pelosi in that stupid commercial for anti-CO2 legislation. I swear, if I have to vote for this guy next November, it might be the most reluctant vote I've ever cast.

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BelchSpeak said...

I agree Ed. Romney is going to be as poisonous to republicans with his views on healthcare and global warming as McCain was with his moderateness.

We need a Tea-Party backed candidate- Cain, Palin, Pawlenty or Santorum.