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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Life in Obama's growing police state

Obama's department of education sicked a SWAT team on a single dad and his three small children at 6AM in Stockton, CA because his estranged wife defaulted on some student loans. WTH?!?!?!

This raises some serious questions about where this country is and where it's headed:

-Do we now live in a police state where the authorities with guns can do what they want?
-Ever hear of the Constitution? If there was ever an example of "unreasonable search and seizure" this would be it.
-Since when does a civil loan default qualify as a criminal matter worthy of SWAT?
-Just how powerful is the Dept. of Education under Obama that they can call out a SWAT attack?

I wouldn't have blamed the guy if he had resisted with deadly force, masked men kicking in his door at 6AM. What a--holes!


Bill said...

Sadly, he would be dead if he had - like the Marine in Tucson shot dozens of times by Sheriff Dupnik's deputies.

Ed said...

Certainly you are right, but I would totally get a man defending his three children from a totally unexpected pre-dawn home invasion. They exercised a search warrant in his house while he sat handcuffed with his terrified kids in a squad car for six hours. Searching for what? Unpaid student loans?

Armed resistance is looking more and more like a possibility every time I read a story about this sort of heavy-handedness by the police.

Bill said...

Shooting some cop who's doing his job is about the last thing I'd ever want on my conscience. Also, the best case scenario after that is that I get charged with capital murder - more likely shot to pieces.

We're a heck of long way from the kind of police state that would require armed resistance - like light years!

mv said...

Something is obviously not right with this story. I'm no stranger to the world of student loans, and this sort of action is absolutely NOT normal. Do you have a source for this?

Ed said...

Yes mv, the link is ....


Bill, I'm not advocating shooting cops, just saying that if masked men broke down my door at 6AM and I had no warning that the authorities wanted something, I'd probably grab my gun instinctively to defend my family....and I wouldn't blame this guy if he had done the same thing.

Also, that the dept of education has the authority to facilitate this sort of thing is alarming to me.

Bill said...

I understand your point, Ed, and that is apparently what the Marine in Tucson did. It's a no-win situation if you think it's home invaders and the cops think you're a criminal and you're armed.