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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Media ignores black-on-white crime

From a story over at Occidentaldissent via Moonbattery -- This is Carter Strange of Columbia, South Carolina. He was jogging home one night through the 5-points area when a mob of black guys attacked him and almost killed him. He needed emergency brain surgery to relieve pressure.

Why'd they attack him? For no reason other than he was white and vulnerable. Read about other black-on-white mob attacks in Chicago here, here, in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Akron. The list goes on and on. Yet the media, especially in Chicago, refuse to report the race of the mobs or of the victims. And nationally, these alarmingly frequent stories are all but ignored entirely. The reality of angry, thug blacks being the victimizers and whites being the innocent victims doesn't fit the media paradigm of racial justice they like to report on. It's the same reason you have to search the news archives to find that 99.99% of terrorism is perpetrated by swarthy, Muslim males, ages 17-28. If whites are the victimizers and any minority is the victim, they'll report it as if the world is coming to an end, but if whites are the victims of minorities, they shrug and look the other way.

This is what 40 years of liberal, social policies that encourage dependence, dereliction, no personal responsibility, and victim group-think have done to black culture. How does that make you feel, democrats?

If you don't have a conceal/carry permit for a powerful handgun, get one and be prepared to protect yourself and your family. Don't end up like Carter Strange.

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scotch679 said...

And remember don't shoot in the air to scare, SHOOT TO KILL !