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Friday, June 10, 2011

Is the NATO alliance yesterday's news

Regular reader David sent this article in regarding our participation in NATO going forward. In his final policy speech yesterday, outgoing defense secretary Gates questioned the wisdom of America's continued commitment to the NATO alliance that has lasted 62 years. Here's an excerpt....

From The New York Times -- “The blunt reality is that there will be dwindling appetite and patience in the U.S. Congress — and in the American body politic writ large — to expend increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently unwilling to devote the necessary resources or make the necessary changes to be serious and capable partners in their own defense,” Mr. Gates said.

I've advanced for years the idea that European countries should not only be defending themselves, but handling trouble spots in their own back yards. European countries are like lazy, fat teenagers whose parents have spoiled them and expected nothing from them. As long as we provide security for them, they won't spend a nickel securing themselves.

Why are we still in the Balkans wasting time and money? If the lazy Europeans don't care about the ethnic cleansing taking place right under their noses, why should we, now 20 years later? The Europeans insisted on toppling Qaddafi's Libyan regime, but without America doing the heavy lifting, NATO ran out of bombs in 3 weeks. What the hell kind of defense force is that?

I agree, it's time we disbanded NATO and let them fight their own battles and secure their own neighborhoods. We cannot afford the expense of protecting other nations who don't have the self-preservation instincts to protect themselves.


David said...

NATO: Cold War relic.

David said...

NATO: Cold War relic.

Bill Lockhart said...

NO MONEY FREE TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES!! We can't afford it, they should handle their own economies, defense, and social programs