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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, June 03, 2011

The moocher class

Over at Gallup, they've published the results of the annual poll questions regarding progressive taxes and wealth redistribution, with predictable results....

47% think the rich should be punished for the benefit of the poor. This 47% are reliable democrat voters who are petty, jealous, and resentful that other people have more than they do. They feel they deserve to receive for free, some of what others have earned, so they vote for the democrat that promises it to them.

If it weren't for the derelict, moocher class who are either drug addicted, lazy, unemployable, shiftless, irresponsible, criminal, or stupidly guilty about being white and rich, democrats could never get elected.

Let's hope this graph stays the same or shifts leftward where more Americans see the folly in taxing the productive in society for the benefit of the unproductive. We're only a couple of percentage points away from the tipping point where a majority are living off the earnings of the minority and Obama is push as many people as he can in that direction. Obama's goal is to get as many Americans destitute and dependent on government as possible. When the moocher class is a majority, democrats will never lose another election.


Bill Lockhart said...

I have mixed feelings on this issue, but if we do start redistribution, it will be a slippery slope towards a massive dependent population. Perhaps if these citizens didn't shell out $$$$ for cigarettes, $$$ for concert tickets, $$$ for ESPN and actual game tickets,and pay brokers a high% for their advice; there might be redistribution based on population economics rather than government takeover. If we had smaller companies based solely on pleasure items ( which somehow can always be afforded), fewer highly paid rock stars and athletes , and fewer overpaid financial consultants; then there would be some real economic success. All of these "excesses" are our own misplaced priorities. More money for teachers who make a real difference? Preposterous (sarcasm)

Ed said...

The market for the most part has determined the economic worth of rock stars, actors, and teachers. Humans being naturally corrupt to the core, the politicians seduce us with loopholes in the tax system. Of course we'll take advantage if it's presented to us. The answer is to make the tax system so simple, nobody can escape paying their "fair share". The only question is what's fair? It would only require a flat tax of about 19% to replace every penny of tax revenue the government takes in right now. Those below the poverty level would still pay no taxes as they do now. A flat tax removes all chance of corruption and cheating by taxpayers, but even better, it removes the bribery, graft, and favoritism that politicians engage in.

That's the answer, not government-choreographed redistributive wealth.

Bill Lockhart said...

I have for years believed in a flat tax. But the loss of available corruption with the current system will take a lot of power to overcome. And I see no leader in sight

Bill said...

I'm encouraged that the year before Obama was elected it was 49-47 in favor of redistribution and now the numbers are reversed. Still far too high on the moocher side, but better.