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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Waaaaahh......I want some attention too

Apparently being easy and stupid is genetic...

Another Spears baby is reportedly on the way — and it's not Britney's.

Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16-year-old "Zoey 101" star and sister of Britney, tells OK! magazine that she's pregnant and that the father is her longtime boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.

"It was a shock for both of us, so unexpected," she says. "I was in complete and total shock and so was he."

16 years old...are you kidding me? Does she even understand what gets one pregnant in the first place? Was she jealous of Britney's limelight and figured getting knocked up was the way to get it for herself? And how old is Casey ALdridge? He better be no more than 17 or he's in trouble. I'll bet his parents are proud. Nice example there Jamie.


Kevin said...

Well at least she doesn't have one night stands/shotgun weddings. But then again, she is only 16 and her boyfriend looks about 20.

ed said...

If he's twenty that makes him a statutory rapist. And the article said "long-time" boyfriend. That means he was.....you know whating her....when she was like 13 or 14. Nice job raising daughters there mom.

Bobby T said...

He will enjoy his 20 years in Angola. Maybe the inmates will give him a cute petname. Good luck in there PinCushion

ed said...

Legal experts are saying that unless the parents of the minor "victim" complain, then the cops won't do anything, so I would have thought the story was over given that the Spears mom was fine with an adult doing her underage daughter, but the statutory rapist story has legs and just won't go away.

Bobby T said...

I'm not sure, but I think this is a state decsion once it is a known fact. Don't ya know the good ole boys are licking their chops about this. They may let it go, but I can't imagine it since they can throw this in the face of the "How to raise Kids" champ.