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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Religious pandering wins some votes, but alienates others

Mike Huckabee has shot to the top of most polls lately and many pundits are having a hard time explaining it. Most likely, it's a combination of things 1-Guiliani is too liberal, 2-McCain is too old and nobody really trusts that he's a conservative, 3-Thompson doesn't seem to have real desire to be CiC and he's not saying anything new, 4-Romney is a Mormon, fundies don't trust anybody who's not a born-again Christian, and 5-Huckabee is saying the right things on immigration and he's got the FairTax vote, but most significantly, he's an ordained preacher. That this carries weight with republican fundies(religious fundamentalists) makes about as much sense as taking seriously the foreign policy opinions of George Clooney.

Here's how Huckabee explains his meteoric rise in the poles...A power that is “not human” is fueling my rise.

As a Christian myself, I can say without apology that I don't care what religion if any, the president is. The religion of the president is irrelevant to me. The president's job is to protect and defend the Constitution, not advance a religion-based political agenda. By giving God credit for his poll numbers, Huckabee is blatantly pandering to the religious zealots in the republican party whose votes are solely based on their personal religious dogma rather than logic and constitutionality. The people who think God cares who wins the presidency are the same people who think God cares who wins the SuperBowl.

Explain if you can, God's possible interest in either.

Here's the bottom line: if as president, Huckabee faithfully interprets and executes the Constitution, then religion in America will have been properly defended. He should not pander to the fundies who believe a president should advance whatever agenda God dictates to him each day. God also gave Huckabee a brain, he should use it.

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Kevin said...

I agree with you Ed. The race for the presidency is anything like the race for the Pope position. In an ideal America, your religious affiliation shouldn't even come into question. If two people are running for the Republican ticket, and have identical views on issues, but one is a Christian and one is a Buddhist, the one that gets the most votes should not be the Christian just for being a Christian. In this country, the people who get the most votes are the ones who are either have Christian beliefs, or want to lower taxes for the poor. Sadly, those are the only issues people in this country really care about.

However, one reason why Huckabee's scheme is working is because the vast majority of people vote for the candidate most like them, and most of Americans are Christians. Just thought I'd point that out.