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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Year In Review - Reid Style

I want to go on record stating that Ed has nothing to do with this list/diatribe/review.

The TRR has had a great '07. As we all look to an interesting '08 I would like to take a few moments to rewind and comment on the happenings of this year as looked at by TRR. Again, these are my comments , and should not reflect poorly on the Ed-itor, however, if you like the comments, then heap all matters of praise and good will to Ed. He does a lot to make this fly and keep this going day in and day out. On with the show........

Last year started with a bang as Racism was discussed at length. We all read about countless stupid celebrities (Britney/Paris/Anna Nicole...) and their doings. We dissected SanFranNan (aka P-Lo) and her almost communistic liberal ideas. We ranted for months on Post Katrina New Orleans and the travesties are going on in that town. At this time, I now refer to any person up to no good as a Nagin (taken after the poster boy for this mantra). We dealt with the super bowl, NBA, NCAA, etc. We have had articles galore on AlGore and Global Warming. It seems they are inseparable, and insufferable as well. The UN. I will not get into a discourse about this hell-hole or its policies, Just please go somewhere else guys, please!

We discussed Fred Thompson and his political agenda. I like his chances, but am not sure he can win the nomination or in November. Hillary, Barak, and the Breck girl. Politicics does make for strange bedfellows. Aptly shown as Clooney campaigned for Obama, Striesand for all the liberal of the liberals, and as Sean Penn clowned around with Hugo Chavez (a vile and despicable humanoid). Ed gingerly opted to point out his sympathy for the Edwards as John's wife was re-diagnosed with cancer, and offered his sincere prayers and thoughts for the family. After a brief respite,TRR moved into an open tirade on the VT shootings and had a hullabaloo over Don Imus and his "Ho's"comments. I still am shocked by his stupidity, but am also outraged at the politics played to have him fired. Now that he is back on the air, I wonder what all are thinking. It boils down to only 1 color- Green. The color of money. Hatred and racism in the media stem from lack of it or the direction to obtain it.

Stray-Rod hit the news, and his indiscretions were eventually over shadowed by a steroids report for MLB. A dark year for the world of baseball. He (Stray) is still a scum bucket in my mind. Chavez woke up the US with a vicious attack on all that we hold near and dear and he reminded us that not everybody loves us Americans. Who knew? Immigration was a big topic of the year. Illegals from Mexico are streaming by the pot-full daily. Looking at ways to quell the tide, but all we got was mealy mouth politicos that want to appease instead of represent their constituents. Christianity was defended countless times here. At the same time the bad side of Islamists and Muslims were discussed. Gangs and Michael Vick (now there's a pair says the Bear) were vented about. Vick got what was coming and hopefully we can start to slow the gang issues in the country. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia (I still find this distasteful) and railed on with his anti-American venom. Teach the children, don't allow them to suffer through this idiot and his lunacidal rantings. It is fine to discuss this point of view, but don't give the fox a key to the hen house. Obama was ridiculed and maligned as he disrespected this country and our flag at an engagement. He should be flogged for this offense. He is a servant to this country and should above all else understand the simplest of rules and regulations. The Eagles released a new album. I wanted to get a copy, but since it is only sold at WalMart, I refuse to support either/both. Hopefully these greedy aging rockers will regain their senses and release it elsewhere for us small-business supporting Americans.

It was a good year of discourse, satire, humor, and ranting. I enjoyed the repartee of "billb" ;"freedom2learn"; David; dupree; "anon" as well as Kevin, Joe Camel and Bobby T. Paula where are you? Robert Underwood, capitalist and military man, where have you gone? As I thought back over the year, I realized that I had not even mentioned "Ann Coulter". Ed gives a weekly update on her columns and with her fundamental views. She was spot on many times this year, but also had some postings that I disagreed with. I still respect her ability to ascertain a situation and to report it with her bias and slant. At least she is upfront with that.

I hope all have a safe and prosperous -Happy New Year ( will that offend anyone? if so I don't care) and here's a toast for that to all. See you next year boys and girls.


ed said...

Thanks for the re-cap Reid. I appreciate all your insight and help with the blog.

With it being an election year, I'm sure the postings will be dominated by politics, however; we'll still feature reader favs--Ann Coulter, stupid people killing themselves, and mockery of political correctness where ever we can ferret it out.

In addition to increasing my carbon footprint during '08, my other resolution is to increase my readership of TRR. We're already viewed on every continent besides Antarctica but I'd like to get more readers involved in the debates.

I'll see you guys in a few days.

freedom2learn said...

Nice summary!
I'm glad I came across this blog. It's been interesting. Best of luck to you guys with increasing the readership. I'll be around and looking forward to seeeing what the election year holds.