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Monday, December 10, 2007

Gun-free zones make it easier to kill people

I know you PC'ers love the touchy-feely sound of "gun-free zone". It makes you feel safe, not to mention self-rightous and smug, to not believe in hand-gun ownership. Well lucky for you there are men who do believe, and are willing to kill to protect you. Unless you were all teary-eyed and weepy watching Al Gore receive the Nobel Peace Prize this morning, you probably heard about the church shootings in Colorado over the weekend. Sadly, a few people, including the gunman, were killed. What the media try to gloss over is that a security guard, armed with a handgun, quickly killed the shooter before he could kill any more people. Which begs the question, what might have been the outcome at Virginia Tech or the Oklahoma mall if instead of a stupid gun-free zone, somebody there with a gun could have stopped the crazed shooter? Anti gun people like to argue that it'll be the wild west of everybody walks around with a gun, but not everybody will choose to have a gun. In fact in places where conceal&carry laws are very liberal, not that many people choose to. It works because the bad guys never know who has a gun and who doesn't. Just the existence of the law makes everybody safer.
Don't be a victim. Get a license to carry one of these, learn to shoot it and don't end up on the news as anything but the person who saved lives by shooting a bad guy.

I've challenged this before: if you are so stridently anti-gun, then I dare you to put a sign in your front yard declaring your home to be a gun-free zone. You'd better have 911 on your speed dial because gun-free zones make dummies like you the easiest of victims.


Kevin said...

People seem to think that gun-free zones will make the rate of crime go down. It doesn't for one very critical reason, criminals don't care if they break the law by owning a gun. They are already criminals! This is just common sense.

freedom2learn said...

Imagine that - I didn't hear a word about the security guard.

Just a few personal reason I support gun ownership....

1. Some idiot broke into my mom's house last week while she was sleeping. Thankfully, they took her cash and some medication (very recent surgery) and left.
2. My husband is a corrections officer at an SCI. On more than one occasion, former inmates have approached us, along with our children, while we were out in public. They have never been threatening, but they aren't exactly DUI convicts and will very likely commit another crime.

I don't live in a high crime area or city. I can't for the life of me imagine what kind of bubble people live in that they don't feel like they should have the right to carry a gun.

ed said...

You're right freedom, just the possibility of common gun ownership is a strong deterrent. Not everybody has to walk around with a holster on his hip. The bad guys won't know who's carrying and who isn't. Declaring your work or home to be a gun free zone is asinine, and it tells criminals you cannot resist them.