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Monday, December 31, 2007

Aspen or bust!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the version of human euthanasia known as "Duty to Die". It's the barbaric socialist theory which proposes that any elderly, infirm, injured, or otherwise nonproductive citizens have a moral, ethical duty to kill themselves(or at least not prolong their own lives) for the greater good of their family and society. As if that weren't greusome enough, modern liberals have taken it two steps further: maybe we should go ahead and kill them when they don't want to kill themselves and while we're at it, let's pack a picnic and involve the whole family, kids too. Here's an exerpt:

Is There a Duty to Die?
(Biomedical Ethics Reviews) by James M. Humber and Robert F. Almeder (eds.)

Judith Lee Kissell ("Grandma, the GNP, and the Duty to Die") states that the "duty to die" is "...on a par with other well-recognized duties such as preventing harm, or helping one's neighbor in trouble." She asks whether the elderly should be helped to commit suicide or "as some seem to favor, should they simply be directly killed?" Even young children should be used: "...children can be led to realize early the wisdom of terminating lifesaving or life-preserving treatment of disabled siblings. Such self-sacrifice from a young member of their own household would provide an invaluable lifelong example of love, devotion, and true family values. Even very young children can understand that medical costs can quickly absorb money that could otherwise be put aside for college education or a family vacation, for example."

Yes, you read that correctly....we should kill our elderly family members in order to pay for family vacations. Folks, there are huge numbers of people(liberals) in this country who believe exactly that. We aren't talking about Terri Schiavo or Karen Anne Quindlan, or the terminally ill who're in pain and have hours to live anyway. We're talking about the mentally retarded, your retired mother or grandmother, really anybody who is inconvenient.

Seriously if you are a liberal and you believe in human euthanasia, you really need to search your soul, because a little bit of it is probably dead.

"Hey kids, if only grandma wasn't sick this week, we could go skiing in Colorado. What do you say we string her up?"

Here's perhaps the last thing grandma will ever see if liberals had their way.

Hat tip to Moonbattery.

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