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Friday, December 07, 2007

Every time you fart, you endanger a polar bear

Here's how far off the deep end environmental moonbattery has gone folks: Scientists in Australia are considering transferring bacteria from kangaroo gut into the guts of cows, pigs, and goats in an effort to reduce the production of methane, supposedly a harmful green-house gas.

Water vapor makes up 95% of all GHG's and there's nothing man can do to alter that in any way. It's how God designed Earth, despite what the Goreacle tells you. Of the remaining 5%, methane makes up only 0.47%. For those of you "educated" in government schools who have lots of self esteem, but scant few math skills, that's 2.35% of the total. Methane is 20 times more potent as a GHG than CO2. In Australia, methane from animal farts makes up 14% of the total, but kangaroo farts, it turns out, do not contain methane. Scientists are actually spending valuable tax-payer money on idiotic trans-species experimentation in order to limit what is an imaginary problem.

Seriously, have animals not been farting for millions of years on Earth? If there was any environmental impact at all, wouldn't it have been evident before now? Look, you aren't going to save the speckled snail darter, the polar bears, or Al Gore's environmental gravy train by infecting the world's cows with kangaroo bacteria. But now that the liberals have hoodwinked Australians into electing them, you can be sure they won't stop trying.

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Kevin said...

So does this mean that they are going to round up every animal that emits methane gas in an effort to prevent them from farting? Thats a pretty large amount of animals. Again, something those Goreacles didn't think through very well.