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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Reality TV becomes even more idiotic

I'll admit that I watch a few select reality-TV shows from time to time, but this won't be one of them...

There's a new reality TV show,produced by Morusa Media, called "Who wants to marry a U.S. citizen?" that aims at creating marriages between U.S. citizens and immigrants who havetemporary visas. The show is already generating mix reaction from some who saythe show hurts the immigration process. However, others praise the match-making concept.

"We're out to prove love knows no borders," says Adrian Martinez, creator of the show. "Besides, that's what America is all about -- a multi-cultural nation."

That's exactly the problem with America right now, we're a multicultural nation. We're devolving into a squabbling collection of tribes devoid of commonalities. And the new arrivals care nothing about becoming American. They just want to take advantage of the generous welfare benefits US tax-payers shower upon every degenerate who applies for them.

Back to the show....rather than the Dating Game format in which an American girl asks three anonymous illegals some banal questions and then decides which one she'll marry, I think it should be more of an earned right to become an American. There should be challenges like on other reality TV shows. Here are a few we came up with that we'd like to see:

1. The Rio Grande Swim challenge - contestants swim the swirling muddy waters of the Rio Grande cheered on by family on the Mexican side while border guards with pellet guns shoot at them from the other. The last one across is deported.

2. The Border Dash challenge - female contestants wear a 40 pound term-pregnancy suit with a built in gestation timer. She must reach a Brownsville Wal-Mart parking lot or local emergency room before the birth-timer goes off in order to avoid deportation.

3. The MS-13 Snitch challenge - contestants must rat out known members/hideouts in the U.S. of the murdering Hispanic gang MS-13. The contestant with the fewest successful ID's is deported, and all remaining contestants are placed in witness protection in Scottsdale.

4. The Border Garbage Collection challenge - contestants try to collect as much as they can, of the 90tons of garbage with which Hispanic illegals litter the southwestern desert each year as they sneak across the border. Recyclable material should be placed in proper bins to demonstrate good citizenship....just like any good American. The contestant with the least amount of garbage is deported....with his bag of garbage.

5. The Economic Re-investment challenge - contestants earn money at various jobs and the one who spends the most of it in the local economy rather than sending it back home to Mexico wins immunity. The contestant who demonstrates the poorest citizenship is deported.

These are just a few of the challenges that would make this show very compelling television.

Disclaimer: Clearly this is tongue-in-cheek and nobody should take offense. I'm merely pointing out the "challenges" of coming to America through humor and satire. I'm certain, however, that somebody will have gotten their feelings hurt or their sense of smug political correctness offended by the time they finish reading this post, so why don't you go ahead and tell me what a horrible xenophobic, racist I am in the comments thread. I can't wait.

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