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Monday, December 03, 2007

The attacks on Christmas continue

The Spokane public school system sent out this reminder of the important days that each household should recognize during the month of December...

Human Rights Day
Winter break
Eid al-Adha (a Muslim holy day)
First day of winter

Well, let's see...of the six days listed, ony Hanukkah is worth recognizing since Christian beliefs descend directly from Judeo biblical history.

Human Rights Day? Are you kidding me?

Winter Break? What is that, yet another holiday?

Eid al-Adha? I can't even pronounce that. The political correctness with which we numb our childrens' minds makes me want to vomit.

FIrst day of Winter? OK...whatever.

Kwanzaa? C'mon. That's a completely made up day by a black racist in San Francisco about 40 years ago. He didn't want to be part of Christmas because he viewed it as a "white" holiday. But I'll bet most kids in government schools believe as they've undoubtedly been taught, that Kwanzaa is as old as the Earth itself and should hold equal status as Christmas.

Which reminds me...where is Christmas in this list? That's right, they intentionally left Christmas out. Look people, every tradition we hold dear as Americans is being assaulted on a daily basis by the Left in this country. They won't be happy until America is a festering, cauldron of babbling nomads and derelicts.


Kevin said...

All South Services policy, you might be happy to hear, is to say Merry Christmas to all customers/patients. Anyone that doesn't like it can take it up with the owner personally.

Reid said...

Ed: This is taking place in Washington, the state that last year had the same issue at the SeaTac airport. Nothing new on their front, only more liberal slant. What are the kids of Washington going to do when Mom and Dad quit buying presents for this non-existent holiday? What if businesses start relocating to more Christmas friendly areas? What right does this school board have to exclude Christmas without also excluding Hanakkah. Some washingtonians might find it offensive as well.

By the way, I am offended at them!