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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

OK people, I know everybody has resolutions for the new year. Let's hear 'em. I'll go first...

1. Ed resolves to increase the readership of TRR.
2. Ed resolves to spend less and save more money in '08.
3. Ed resolves to lose 20 pounds in '08. (Anon likes to call me a "bloated aging blogger". Perhaps he's right)

We'll revist these in the Spring or Summer and see how we're doing.


Ed said...

I almost forgot #4...Ed resolves to increase his carbon footprint in '08....just to annoy the nutty environmentalists who believe in anthropomorphic climate change.

Kevin said...

My New Years Resolution:

Gain 20 pounds
Read TRR more, and Comment more
Study more
Save Money
and increase My Carbon Footprint

mike said...

Im already perfect.

Bobby T said...

I resolve to never make a resolution again. This way, I will not let myself down upon failure.

Kevin said...

Haha mike, thats great