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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, December 10, 2012

Unions angry over lost hegemony in Michigan

Police in Michigan are again expecting protests from angry union drones who oppose the right-to-work bills currently making their way through the legislature. Michigan governor Snyder promises to sign the bills when they arrive at his desk.

Michigan has been hard hit by the down economy and clearly Snyder wants to remove any impediments to business and industry locating to his state, and not much scares off industry like union thuggery afoot, just ask the Hostess company.

Economic illiterates like union goons think they are entitled to the jobs they hold. Note to unions: jobs belong to the employer not the workers he pays to fill them and collective bargaining is a bastardization of the open labor market. You force consumers to pay a lot more for everything in order to support your outrageous salaries and benefits packages you extorted from the companies you work for.

Moreover, compelling any worker to pay union dues so a fat-cat union boss can live like a king while screwing the company is wrong and should be illegal. Michigan is trying to fix that. Good for them.

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