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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If your kid is crazy and might be a psychopath, lock him up

One possible tipping point for Adam Lanza's going crazy was that his mom may have told him that she was going to have him institutionalized. Crazy people don't like to be institutionalized. This is why you have to sneak up on them.

She should have signed him over without his knowing about it and then had a few guys in white coats sneak up on him and shove him into a straight jacket before taking him to the rubber room at the laughing factory.

I'm sure insane asylums are every bit as miserable as they are portrayed to be in horror movies, maybe worse, but who cares? As a libertarian, I believe it should be difficult to commit somebody for being crazy, but there is a way of doing it, and it is my position that parents of crazy kids who might be psychopaths should be encouraged to throw their kid away and make a new one, preferably one that's not crazy.

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