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Monday, December 03, 2012

Bob Costas' bizarre anti-gun rant

In the wake of the horrifying murder/suicide by KC Chiefs player Jovan Belcher of his girlfriend and himself, lefty tool Bob Costas decided to dedicate 90 full seconds of half-time to promote gun control by blaming Americans' access to guns for the tragedy....


I wonder if Bob Costas or Jason Whitlock ever considered the role that the violent culture of rap music, gangs, and general thuggery played in this. Probably not. As with all liberals, it's the gun that committed the crime, the person who pulled the trigger is a blameless victim. I've never been a fan of Costas, he reminds me too much of Ryan Seacrest. And his preachy messages during sporting events only encourages me to avoid broadcasts in which he plays a roll.

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david said...

I still think Bob Costas and Katie Couric are one in the same. You never see them at the same time?