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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dolphin bites brat as SeaWorld....lawyers lick chops

What do people expect when you cage up wild carnivores then let children feed them meat?


Did you hear the stupid, litigious parents? Dad -"I just want to film it to see what your hand looks like." Mom -"It's important, just let him do it."

No doubt there are dozens of skeezy attorneys contacting the family and trying convince them to sue the crap out of SeaWorld. In America, any, ANY perceived harm, no matter how minor, is a good reason to sue who ever is around that has a lot of money, regardless of actual liability. Based on the conversation of the parents, this family and their lawyer are going to try to cash in on their daughter's bite.

There was no physical damage so the lawyers will sue for emotional distress, post-traumatic anxiety, and other utterly made up maladies that lawyers use to score huge paydays for themselves when they get a crying child in front of a stupid jury.

It would have been more satisfying and amusing for me if he had dragged her in and actually started to eat her. Play with wild animals, and my might get eaten.  


david said...

No sympathy from me or Charles Darwin.

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