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Friday, December 14, 2012

EPA claims regulatory authority over rain

Obama's all-powerful EPA continues to trample on private property rights at every opportunity. That's certainly the case in Fairfax County, Virginia where the thuggish EPA has told the county that during rain, run-off into Accotink Creek must be reduced by 50%.

You see, the unaccountable EPA has broadened the definition of "pollution" to include "too much water", therefor it has regulatory authority and can tell private land owners what they must do with rain that falls onto their property, it it swells the depth of a nearby stream more than the EPA thinks it should.

Virginia estimates the cost to be as much as $500 million, plus the likely seizure by imminent domain of homes near the creek in order to plant grass to absorb the rain as well as the construction of holding ponds.

The current EPA might the most pernicious, over-bearing, destructive entity in government. I hope an eventual republican President will have the wisdom and guts to shutter the EPA permanently. There is no phenomenon, human or natural, over which it does not claim regulatory jurisdiction.

Life giving rain.....now regulated as a pollutant by Obama's EPA.

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