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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, December 27, 2012

David Gregory protects his kids, but would leave yours defenseless

Insufferable jackass David Gregory illegally waved around a 30-round magazine on TV in a ridiculously theatrical attack on America's "gun culture" in which he argued against armed guards at schools. 

Funny, his kids go to the same school as Obama's around which, in addition to heavily armed secret service agents, no less than ten armed men constantly patrol. I guess the children of us little people are expendable in the effort to disarm the citizenry, but as an authoritarian elitist, his children must remain protected.

Liberals like Gregory probably think it's an acceptable evil if children of regular people get killed by crazed gunmen, because the horror of that advances the greater-good cause of total disarmament of the citizens, ostensibly by making us more fearful of guns and those who would possess them. But like all liberal cowards, he thinks the rules are for the little people, not his kids. 

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