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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, July 30, 2012

Yet another government over-reach under Obama

This is the Newland family of Colorado which owns Hercules Industries, an HVAC company. Racist, asshole Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered the family to either give up their religion or give up their business, because even though they generously provide health insurance for their 265 employees, they are Catholic, so their policy doesn't cover sterilization, birth control, Plan-B, etc.

According to the Health-Care Affordability Act, businesses with 50 or more employees must comply with the government mandate of coverages or be subject to heavy fines or forfeiture of their businesses. This is simply outrageous!

Why should any company or insurance provider be forced by government to cover the birth-control or other elective reproductive costs of individuals? Short answer: because it's not about coverage, it's about the federal government controlling every aspect of the lives of Americans.

Whether you believe that birth control coverage is good or not, no rational person can argue that this is a legitimate function of government.

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