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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The religion of peace strikes again

Mohammad Arif of eastern Afghanistan decided that his wife had shown disrespect for the family so he did what any self-respecting Muslim does, he beheads her right in front of their 3 children, then he beheads the two oldest because they're witnesses. He spared the 2 year old, presumably because she's too young to rat him out to the authorities....not that there are any authorities to speak of in that God-forsaken wasteland of opium, nomads, and barbarism.

And this is the "religion" that we Americans are supposed to reverently embrace as peaceful? The word "Muslim" or "Islam" was never mentioned a single time in the article, obviously because political correctness dictates that we grovel before our enemies in the hopes that they will like us.  

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