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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, July 20, 2012

ABC wrongly smears the TEA Party via the Aurora shooter

Unashamed, democrat partisan who poses as a journalist, Brian Ross, over at ABC gleefully reported to George Stephanopoulos this morning that the Aurora, CO shooter, Jim Holmes may have TEA Party connections. It turns out that the James Holmes connected with the TEA Party is a totally different man, but you can almost see a smirk on Ross' face as he maligns the TEA Party with that bit of premature "news".

ABC had to correct themselves a few minutes later, but the information had already been done. It's like a prosecutor telling the jury something damning about the defendant, knowing it's inadmissible before he says it, but knowing he can damage the defendant in the minds of the jury. Brian Ross should have known that "James Holmes" is probably a fairly common name and should have checked the accuracy of his reporting before wrongly impugning somebody.

But what do you expect? The media's TEA Party narrative is that we're a bunch of violent, mouth-breathing Neanderthals who're capable of anything. This fit too perfectly to not run it, even knowing they'd have to retract it later.

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