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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, July 26, 2012

To dumb liberals, tolerance means agreeing with them

The moonbat mayors of Chicago and Boston have sternly warned Chick fil-A that they are not welcomed in their respective cities because of the owner's politically incorrect ideas on traditional marriages. Dan Cathy is known to be a religious conservative and as such, his restaurants are closed on Sunday. He also stated that he thought "marriage" should be between a man and a women, biblically speaking. For that "hate speech" the mayors of Boston and Chicago attacked him for his intolerance, even threatening to deny business licenses to Chick fil-A.

But who's intolerant? Dan Cathy was asked a question and he answered. He gladly serves delicious chicken sandwiches to gay and straight people equally. The mayors are practicing an insidious form of fascism when they try to intimidate a lawful business from operating because of political speech. It is they who are intolerant of Dan Cathy.

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