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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, July 23, 2012

More bad news for CFL's

As if we needed another reason not to convert to ridiculous CFL bulbs, now researchers at Stony Brook demonstrate that UV radiation escapes through micro cracks in the white coating and exposes human skin cells to possible cancer.

Never mind that the whole insane reason for the government(thanks George Bush) for outlawing incandescent bulbs, which use too much electricity, is to preserve the cold weather on behalf of the put-upon polar bears. In addition, the gas inside the bulbs is a severe health hazard if the glass breaks, and the light from the CFL's is dim an unpleasing.

I find it outrageous that our government is seizing control of more and more of our lives based on an idea that is demonstrably imaginary and is endangering us with their solutions to these imaginary problems.

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