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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who's the real President? Obama or Jarret

It is being reported in a new book by Richard Minter, the SEALs had bin-Laden in their sights no less than three times in the past year and Valerie Jarret, Obama's closest adviser, wouldn't let him give the "kill" order until they had a suitable patsy in place in case something went wrong. That patsy was Admiral William McRaven.

It took until the last of four sightings of bin-Laden for the white house to create a paper trail of memos demonstrating that McRaven had all the actionable intelligence and that some of it wasn't shared with Obama.....that is if something went wrong and they needed a fall guy. Otherwise Obama would take all the credit. 

Looks like the "gutsy call" by Obama wasn't so gutsy after all. Valerie Jarret made the call after making Obama not make the call 3 different times. 

How brave and heroic does Obama look to you now, dumb democrats!

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