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Friday, July 13, 2012

Is Condi the right person for VP?

This week's rumors regarding Romney's pick for a running mate focus solidly on Condi Rice, George Bush's Sec. State. But is she the best person?

Nobody really knows her political positions. She's never been elected to anything, only confirmed. Her foreign policy experience is unassailable, she'll have to spend a lot of time defending Bush's foreign policy while running for VP with Romeny. Our despicable media will delight in the prospect of attacking Bush once again, just because the think it's fun and because it'll distract the American people from Obama's disastrous 4 years.

She may seem conservative, but so did John Roberts.

I'm not saying Romney should play it safe and choose another old, rich, white, DC insider, just that Condi may overshadow Romney the way Sarah Palin overshadowed John McCain. Plus her nomination would invite the inevitable charges of picking her just because she's black and female. In order to continue to support Obama, the feckless media will have to distinguish between Condi and Obama. They'll paint Condi as an "Uncle Tom" black working for the white man, while painting Obama as the quintessential independent black man. As uncomfortable as that effort will be to watch, the liberal media will do it if they think it'll help Obama win.

I just think she's too much of an unknown.

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david said...

No. She is a policy person not a politician. She would never survive. In fact, I bet she'd quite in short order after being talked into The Octagon.