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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, July 30, 2012

Teachers unions protect sexual predators among themselves

Read this article by Campbell Brown and see that teachers unions, especially in New York, are shameless facilitators of sexual predation by teachers on students.

In the last five years in New York City, 97 tenured teachers or school employees have been charged by the Department of Education with sexual misconduct.

By law in New York, issues involving bad teacher conduct must be arbitrated by union-approved and union-paid arbitrators.....clearly a conflict of interest, but the unions virtually own the state politicians who approved this awful process. So what happens is the teachers are put on probation but almost never fired. This keeps the union rolls fat and the pockets of thug union bosses filled with dues money that quickly find its way into the pockets of politicians.

Labor unions have no reason to exist in today's work environment. They exist for one reason, and that is to keep the union bosses rich and powerful by distorting labor markets to the point that employers must go overseas to do business. This is why teachers unions are so powerful.....you can't ship education overseas, but our kids would be better off if we could.

Hat tip to Campbell Brown for shining the light on the awful teachers unions.

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