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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Torrence Brown Jr(not a victim in Aurora) trying to cash in already

This is Torrence Brown Jr. who was not, NOT shot in the Aurora massacre, yet he's the first one who's lawyered up and is suing everybody in sight, trying to cash in on the tragedy on the thin argument that he's suffering from "extreme trauma". What a punk!

These are the targets of his strike-while-the-iron's-hot lawsuit:

1. the theater for not having a guard on the emergency exit. )Holmes bought a ticket and entered with everyone else and propped the exit open from the inside.)
2. Holmes' doctors who Terrence claims should have monitored him more closely after medicating him.(There's no evidence Holmes was on any mind-altering drugs)
3. And of course Warner-Bros for releasing such a violent film, which certainly contributed to Holmes' violence. (If young Terrence is so averse to on-screen violence, why was he in the theater in the first place?)

This is so patently obvious a money grab by Terrence and his skeevy lawyer. Just because you witnessed something bad doesn't entitle you to somebody else's money.


ryan said...

How long before we're forced to endure gropings and scannings just to see a movie?

Ed said...

I'd like to think that after everything's calmed down, the theaters decide to restrict how people come "in character" to midnight premiers, rather than install metal detectors and TSA-style friskers. Think of how high tickets will be when they have to pay for that stuff.