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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Did Casey Anthony get away with murder?

About an hour ago, Casey Anthony was found not guilty on the 4 serious counts of murder, man-1, man-2, etc, but guilty of lying to the cops. So basically she got off. This raises a few questions....

-Was there a miscarriage of justice here? Should she have been convicted based on the evidence shown?
-Is the bar for a murder-1 conviction too high in this country? Should it be lowered so that people who we "know" did it like OJ and Casey, get convicted?
-Can we as a nation afford to abandon the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard without abandoning what makes our legal system the fairest(but not perfect) in the world?

As inept and idiotic as Jose Baez was in presenting his defense, the prosecution just didn't have enough direct evidence to convince a jury to take the life of somebody. Everybody is complaining that "this just shows you can get away with murder in this country". And they're right, but what's the alternative? A system by which numerous innocent people get put to death by the State for crimes they didn't commit?

I'd rather have a system that occasionally lets a guilty person slip through the cracks than one by which innocent people are found guilty....and THAT still happens with regularity.


Bill said...

I'm pretty appalled that you know the lawyer's name.

Ed said...

I know his name only because it's memorable and because he's on every news report 24/7 for the last 3 weeks.

Bill said...

I thought you were talking about the 1960's folk singer until I re-read the name more closely. I admit I did everything in my power to remain ignorant of this whole sorry mess. I do confess to knowing far more than I want to about such topics as the Lohan girl and the like.

Ed said...

Unless you live a Ted Kuzinski life, which admittedly has it's merits, you can't help but be at least peripherally aware of vapid-celebrity goings-on.