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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The end of NASA is the beginning of Muslim self-esteem boosts

When the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed this morning it officially and sadly marked the end of this era of manned space flight in the US. There are 90,000 mission control and other specialists associated with NASA that now find themselves with nothing much to do. It's a good thing Obama has decided that NASA's new mission will be to make Muslims feel good about their imaginary contributions to the progress of modern civilization.

Maybe with the end of government-funded space missions, the private sector will step up and begin commercial space adventures. They'll certainly be able to do it for far less money.


Bill said...

Just thinking of a country that would voluntarily abandon a capability that no other nation ever came close to matching makes me depressed as heck. This is a bi-partisan disgrace, Bush's decision and Obama's abandonment of even the replacement program.

1% of the "stimulus" would have provided shuttle flights for several more years, with real jobs "saved or created."

Ed said...

True that, Bill. Muslim outreach is more important in Obama's world view, however, than space exploration, travel, and colonization. If somebody puts a man on Mars in my lifetime, I'll die happy.

Bill said...

Better eat your veggies!