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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

West Philly granny has been watching the news

My friend Pat over at Belchspeak posted this story about a kid in a west-Philly ghetto who ate too much of his granny's bacon. Apparently she's been paying attention to the news, that is if she owns a TV, because she chased him around the yard, sat on top of him, and water boarded him with a hose jet to the face as punishment for scarfing down the delicious pig meat.

Heh heh....that'll teach him.

I blame Obama for not closing Club Gitmo. But for the CIA water boarding vacationers at the tropical paradise resort, the water boarding technique wouldn't be so popular and granny would have just beaten him with a belt like everybody else.

For all you longsuffering parents out there with misbehaving kids, I've included this helpful primer on waterboarding. Who says TRR isn't educational?

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