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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Planking, Leisure diving, and now owling

With everybody demanding attention from everybody else via the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, reality TV, etc., new fads have popped up by which these people can scream, "Look at me! Love me! Adore me! Give me attention!".

Here are the latest ways people are demonstrating their infantile need to be looked at.....

This is called "planking" where you make like a plank of wood in unusual places and have your picture taken.

This is "leisure diving" where you strike a leisure pose over the pool and have your picture taken. This one is called the "hammock".

The most recent posing fad is called "owling" where you make like an owl in some unusual place. These girls are making like owls on a fence.
It seems pretty stupid to me, but if it keeps the kids off the streets and out of trouble, I probably shouldn't complain. Just consider this your daily Internet-meme briefing. Go home and describe each of these posing fads to your kids and they might start to believe that you're cool.

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