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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama is Jimmy Carter's redux

Over at Moonbattery, they've got a clip from the Laura Ingraham show where the "National Malaise" speech of Jimmy Carter is superimposed on Obama's recent national malaise speech and you'd swear Obama's speech writers practically plagiarized Carter. Give it a listen...

Like Jimmy Carter before him, Obama is presiding over, if not entirely causing, the worst economic calamity to befall the US in generations. And like Carter before him, Obama blames the wealthy job creators and the greedy middle class for it all.

If you read Obama's writings, he clearly says that America needs to suffer for her past colonial sins against the poor minorities. Why, it's almost as if the trouble we're in is purposefully choreographed.

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ryan said...

Could almost swear they had the same speech writer...