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Monday, July 25, 2011

US taxpayers underwriting the Taliban to the tune of $2.16Billion

Am I the only one around here who sees the utter nonsense in our being in Afghanistan at all if we aren't there to kill people and blow things up? Nation building, hearts and minds, and all that crap in a God-forsaken shit-hole with corrupt, drug-addled, 11th century tribesmen? Are you kidding me?

From Yahoo.com -- US government funds earmarked ostensibly to promote business in Afghanistan have landed in Taliban hands under a $2.16 billion transportation contract, The Washington Post has reported.

Citing the results of a year-long military-led investigation, the newspaper said US and Afghan efforts to address the problem have been slow, and all eight of the trucking firms involved remain on US payroll.

Moreover, the Pentagon extended the contract for six months last March, the report said.

The investigation found "documented, credible evidence ... of involvement in a criminal enterprise or support for the enemy" by four of the eight prime contractors, the paper noted.

If Congress would wipe out half the fraud, waste, and abuse associated with foreign aid alone, we'd be easily out of the financial hole in which we currently find ourselves. Good grief!

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david said...

A GIANT enema is in order for the U.S. The point of entry is Washington, D.C.