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Monday, July 25, 2011

Club 27

You've probably heard by now that troubled singer Amy Winehouse died from a drug overdose this weekend. It is not currently known whether it was accidental or purposeful, though she was in possession of cocaine, heroin, ketamine, and crystal meth, so even if ruled an accident, how is that not at least subconsciously on purpose, am I right?

Amy Winehouse joins a long, distinguished, and very curious list of musical talent that has died at age 27. Among dozens of lesser known musicians that died at 27 are Brian Jones(Rolling Stones), Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Pete de Freitas(Echo and the Bunnymen drummer), Pete Ham(Badfinger), and Gary Thain(Uriah Heep).

What a strange and macabre fraternity to be in.

Now that there's room on my celebrity dead pool and Lindsay Lohan is only 25, I think I'll move her up a couple of notches. In two years when she's 27, look out.


David said...

Club 27, very interesting. Lindsey yes. How old is Casey Anthony?

Ed said...

Casey Anthony is likely to be murdered rather than die from self-inflicted stupidity. She's like 25 or something right?

david said...

Yes, CA is 25.

Ed said...

Where did she end up? How is it that we haven't heard yet? She's easily the most recognizable woman on Earth right now. Where can she hide?

david said...

Probably sitting alone eating balogna sandwiches.

Ed said...

Mmmmm, bologna! Maybe I'll stop at the Pig and pick up a pack for sandwiches tonight.