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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, July 01, 2011

The timely demise of Hugo Chavez....at long last

Over at MSN this a.m. the headline read "Venezuelans stunned by Chavez cancer revelation".....yeah stunned and thrilled.

Thanks to Chavez being a brutal, murdering dictator, nationalizing foreign industries, and establishing a true socialist state in Venezuela, a nation that was once a wealthy breadbasket of South America has, in less than a generation, plunged into poverty, despair, and is the butt of jokes by free people the world over. After all if Sean Penn and Danny Glover are your friends, you know what a demented screw up you are.

Nobody knows what will happen when the devil mercifully comes to take Chavez away to hell at long last, but utter chaos created by a power vacuum in Venezuela would have to be better than what they have now. Here's hoping that Chavez' remaining days are short and uncomfortable.


Bill said...

Let's hope there can be a group funeral for Chavez and both Castro brothers. Soon.

Ed said...

It would be an Independence Day miracle!